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Azerbaijan Tourism


In 2019, 3 million people visited Azerbaijan-Land of Fire. This indication in Azerbaijan Tourism increases every Year due to the huge efforts of the Azerbaijan government. Azerbaijan is very rich with its culture, cuisine, friendly people as well.

Tourism of Azerbaijan is very fascinating because while You stay a year You will have a chance to see 4 seasons with different beauties.

Do You have an idea where is it exactly located? 

In the southern part of the Caucasus, at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe Azerbaijan is located. Azerbaijan has borders with Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, and Turkey.

Because of a particular geographic location, Azerbaijan is a real blend of East and West, with a deep and intriguing history for centuries. Thus we can consider it a particularly interesting Caucasian part.

Besides, Azerbaijan declared itself as a democratic and secular Republic in 1918 as being first Islamic country which is still approx 95% of the population are Muslims. From a religious point of view, Azerbaijanis are way more secular than it is Christain neighbors

As well as Azerbaijan is gaining higher results in Tourism for being cheaper than many places with more things to enjoy and do.

After oil income, tourism of Azerbaijan considered the second highest source of income